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The Best Bitcoin Mining Sites 2018

When it comes to Bitcoin, mining plays a big part. If you don’t know what mining is, you very likely toevluchthaven’t bot dealing with Bitcoins for very long and should very likely attempt to have a read up on the subject sometime soon! Mining is vital when it comes to Bitcoins, but how do you know which sites are the best? Effortless, wij’ve compiled the best into a list for you to help you out!


Antpool is a Bitcoin Mining webpagina with a pool based ter China. It mines overheen 18% of all blocks, which is fairly a high figure to boast about. The mine and pool are looked after by BitMain.

Another Bitcoin mine with a pool based te China is BTCC. It is actually the third thickest exchange ter the entire of China and manages to mine almost 12% of all blocks.


Mining almost 20% of blocks ter the last six months alone, DiscusFish, sometimes referred to by Bitcoin users spil F2Pool, is the largest Bitcoin Exchange ter China.

BitFury Pool

Not only is BitFury Pool a successful mining webpagina, mining 13% of Bitcoins ter Georgia, it is also the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin hardware, including Bitcoin Chips.


Slush is a unique mining webpagina because it is the original mining webpagina, the very first everzwijn mining webpagina. Nowadays it only mines around 5% of blocks, but it’s still there at the top.

21 Inc.

Based ter California, 21 Inc. doesn’t just mine 4% of the world’s Bitcoins. It also sells petite quantities of low powered Bitcoin miners, runs a significant amount of its own Bitcoin miners and generates a lotsbestemming of hash power too.


Located ter Stockholm, Sweden, KnCMiner is a Bitcoin mining manufacturer. However, unlike most of the sites on this list, KnCMiner is not actually a pool. The 6% of blocks they presently mine are all done so from their own warehouse.

BW Pool

Relatively fresh to the Bitcoin mining toneel, BW Pool wasgoed founded ter 2014. Since then it’s gone on to mine approximately 8% of the blocks.


GHASH.IO actually used to be the largest mining webpagina ter the world. However, once it reached the capability to mine 50% of all blocks, some scaremongering caused users to believe that at 51% there would be a mass hacking scam, and so a lotsbestemming of people stopped using it, causing the percentage to druppel.


Eligius might have an odd sounding name, and it might only mine 3% of blocks, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its voorkant. Eligius is actually one of the very first everzwijn Bitcoin mining sites and still works flawlessly well.

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