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There had bot times where the HTTPS protocol wasgoed deemed secure. Now gone. Wij live ter times where Bitcoin’s blockchain is deemed secure, and unless 51% attack happens it is safe toevluchthaven to store wealth ter Bitcoin. Yet, ter a very near future, that is about to switch.

Quantum computing modelled by Ben Larzinski.

Te the last decade, the scientists from US, Canada and Australia have progressed by leaps and bounds ter the field of quantum comping. Very first quantum computers are already being built by Canadian D-WAVE. Thesis fortunately have one defect — cannot kill Bitcoin. Yikes!

Worse threat to Bitcoin however is the cooperation of NASA, CIA (read NSA) and Google. The three are building a special 50-qubit strong quantum laptop of their own, which will kill Bitcoin. Have they succeeded yet? Unluckily wij will get to know after it’s too late. Google, however is deploying their 49-qubit (feeble) version by the end of 2018

Wij will know after it’s late. Like with the NSA’s exploit ETERNALBLUE leaked by ShadowBrokers hacker group, which talent birth to a massive cryptocurrency botnet te May 2018.

Losing all our cryptocurrency holdings te a brink of the uur is something that can toebijten. Why is this possible? 50-qubit quantum computers can use Shor’s Algorithm and Grover’ Algorithm to polynomially reduce the difficulty of all of the commonly-used public-key algorithms. This includes RSA, DSA, DH, and all forms of elliptic-curve cryptography. Instead of taking years to pauze the cipher, it will take hours.

Introducing Droplex, the experts behind cryptocurrency blockchain using quantum resistant encryption.

When quantum computers come, you will welcome them with an open hug.

Droplex develops a Public-key blockchain that is secure against QC. Their team together with most Bitcoin experts have agreed on using Lamport signatures. The question however wasgoed ter deploying it. Because reaching overeenstemming for a much smaller disruption such spil blocksize switch is a heroic task, the Droplex team has determined to save the day on their own! Developers are creating their own cryptocurrency running on a quantum resistant blockchain.

Droplex team includes experts from the field of Quantum Computing from the US and Australia. Ter whitepaper, they explain how Lamport-Diffie and Winternitz one-time-signatures can be leveraged to create quantum resistant blockchain.

Droplex team precisely goes after their roadmap:

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