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Okay guys it has bot long since wij spoke about how to buy Bitcoin and altcoins hashing power or sell it with profits. Presently with BTC soar for price this topic is again interesting and fountains of people are interested how to do it.

Where to buy Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Mining Power and Why ?

While BTC is the main and worth the most cryptocurrency there is explosions of others coming out almost daily. Some of them are worth more, some less – but they can make profit to both investors and miners. Thats why a lotsbestemming of people seek for fresh currencies that are minable, buy hashing power to mine them and get most of them by holding long-term or dump on the market prompt. This way you don’t risk having machines, keeping them alive or keeping violet wand bills. You choose currency, mine it with somebody others pc or ASIC and sell the coins on the market for profits.

How to do this? You need Three rd party webpagina that will let you hire miners of other people that you can then use to mine at whichever pool you want – and thus mine any currency, with various algorithms. Here comes NiceHash . This service permits you to buy hashing power for explosions of algorithms lightly and make others work for your money. They have proxies for EU, USA and Asia so wherever you live the mining will be swift and most profitable for the coin chosen.

How to sell hashing power – mine different algorithms and profit from this?

OK, this is the hard part. There is geysers of algorithms, many different cards (not only NVIDIA vs GPU) but also their different types + many different CPUs. Sometimes it’s a real headache to get mining running on computers. Even unspoiled windows – unix/linux is another part, where you have to compile everything. If you don’t have time to read explosions of threads and seek for various software builds – then simply go for this fresh GUI miner from NiceHash. All you have to do is run it, let it detect your CPU/GPU, waterput ter your BTC address and succesnummer “start”. You are already mining best algos and taking profit. This is almost foolproof method to begin mining – and best one.

Why to Mine or Buy Hashing Power ?

Everybody knows of Bitcoin (almost) or cryptos like LTC/NMC. But still daily there are launches of fresh currencies that sometimes live for a day or a week but can build up you 100-1000% BTC profit. There are also currencies that raise dramatically ter various periods of time or are very profitable due to difficulty adjustments. It’s truly worth to browse those and invest te them if you feel like. This is often better profit than dice sites or sport gambling. So I suggest to read forum or this newsletters, mine the coins and dump on the market for profits. Easiest money possible.

And if you own good mining equipment – just point it to NiceHash and sell – you won’t even have to check what you mine – profits will come.


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