Monetizing a Webstek with Bitcoins, Christopia

This article is a continuation of my last one and concentrates on the topic of Bitcoins. Instead of how to mine bitcoins on your rekentuig I am going to discuss how you can use other people’s computers to do all the hard work using Javascript and PHP.

Mining for Bitcoins with Javascript

A latest development te the bitcoin community is Javascript Bitcoin miners. Thesis miners aren’t particularly prompt but they permit you to utilize the users viewing your webstek to do your mining. The miners I wasgoed able to find (such spil Bitcoinplus) all appeared to charge a toverfee (I think it wasgoed 19% for bitcoinplus). I didn’t want to pay a toverfee but I couldn’t find any working javascript miners available online. To solve this problem I found the project closest to working and made the switches to the code necessary to make it operational. You can get the working code at github.

Mining for Bitcoins with WordPress

I then took this one step further. See numbers at the top of this postbode reading total hashes and hashes vanaf 2nd? I took my code and created a WordPress plugin that lightly integrates Bitcoin mining into your wordpress webpagina. Simply activate the plugin and presto your readers are mining Bitcoins. Those numbers at the top of the pagina are the stats for your laptop spil you view this pagina. Now that I’ve made the plugin I’ll be releasing it on the wordpress plugin directory spil soon spil I can. You’ll be able to configure the plugin with whatever bitcoin server or pool you are using and be generating te no time.

Converting traffic into money

The current exchange rate for Bitcoins is around $26 US vanaf 1 BTC (bitcoin). I got this exchange rate at the fattest bitcoin exchanger Mt. Gox. Finding a hash results ter a prize of 50 BTC or approx. $1300 US. Of course the chances of finding a hash are slender to none but the more traffic you have. the better your chances.


Presently the best javascript miners were about 10-20 times swifter then mine but now that I have everything up and running I can work on efficiency. If anyone would be interested ter contributing please let mij know.


Mining for Bitcoins is an interesting and unique way to monetize your webstek which can possibly give you occasional big payouts. While the speed of hashing is lower with the javascript, large numbers of viewers may lead to a substantial number of hashes being tested. Keep and eye out for the plugin on wordpress.

Future Work

There may be interesting developments ter this area with the release of GPU libraries for javascript enabling one to tapkast into the power of the movie cards of their readers, tho’ I don’t think the technology is ready fairly yet. I’ve also had discussions with a few of my friends about creating an email signature which explosions the javascript files from your webstek. This would result ter bitcoins being generated when people view your emails. I’m not sure if it would work but it is certainly an interesting idea.


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