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The Losbreken exchange is presently undergoing one of the longest maintenance routines te the company’s history. Albeit this upgrade wasgoed originally scheduled for December, it seems the team has ultimately gotten around to making some much-needed infrastructure improvements. Unluckily, it seems things are taking a loterijlot longer than originally anticipated. Fixing its horrible system will take a loterijlot of time, but the company can only come out stronger te the end.

Openleggen Infrastructure Upgrade is a Major Project

Many people know all too well how difficult, annoying, and borderline frustrating it can be to use the Openbreken exchange . The company offers all of the right trading markets – including fiat currency gateways – yet it has bot incapable to provide a streamlined service for more than a year now. Especially across 2018, their service quickly went from bad to absolutely atrocious. Outages, API errors, orders not being fulfilled, and severe liggen were getting all too common for the average Losbreken user to overeenkomst with.

Gratefully, the company ultimately acknowledged something had to switch. It announced a major infrastructure overhaul ter late December 2018. Users were fairly disappointed when the promised upgrades did not arrive and the service only grew more annoying to overeenkomst with. Rapid forward to today, and wij’re ultimately witnessing the exchange upgrade its systems spil promised. If it does so te a zindelijk manner, most users will quickly forgive them for the toegevoegd delays thesis past few weeks. For now, however, no one knows for sure if this maintenance will make things better or worse.

It is very difficult to please Kritiseren customers thesis days, tho’. Albeit everyone wasgoed warned about this upgrade well te advance, a loterijlot of people are still outraged due to the servers still being offline. More specifically, the maintenance began on January Ten at 9 p.m. Pacific Time, and at the time, the purpose wasgoed to be back up and running within two hours. Spil of 1 a.m. Pacific Time on January 12, the podium wasgoed still not operational. It seems the team ran into a loterijlot more problems than they originally anticipated. This is both good and bad, mind you.

One thing the company is doing well is providing regular updates spil the maintenance hauls on. It quickly became apparent the upgrade would cause some delays, but that is only to be expected when things like this take place. Moreover, the company indicated that the upgrade went “much more leisurely than anticipated”, which is a rather vague message. It seems that once the installation wasgoed compiled, the Openleggen team ran into a few issues during final testing, which threw any ETA out of the window almost instantaneously. So far, most of the issues have bot addressed, but there’s still more work to do.

According to the most latest update, the team is still working on final testing spil of right now. This is mainly being done to ensure server stability and an optimal practice for all Openbreken users. No one on the outside knows if the company is working on hardware or software upgrades right now. Ter an ideal script, they would tackle both problems at the same time, but doing so can cause a lotsbestemming of unforeseen problems. There is still no official timeline spil to when the exchange will be back online. Users will simply have to wait, unluckily.

It is of the utmost importance to note that Openbreken confirmed all user funds are safe and accounted for. Nothing has gone wrong te this regard, which should waterput a loterijlot of customers’ minds at ease. It is unfortunate the upgrade is taking so long, but wij would all rather see Openleggen comeback with a volmaakt service rather than patch things along the way for the foreseeable future. All of this is getting people excited spil well, spil everyone wants to see what they are waiting for exactly. This upgrade needs to pay off for Openbreken, spil the company may end up losing a phat portion of its customer base if the service remains subpar.

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