Is Bitcoin a safe investment? Here’s what you need to know

Bitcoin reached an all-time high but bankers remain doubtful due to its lack of regulations.

September Nineteen, 2018

Bitcoins have made the headlines lately, mostly for the wrong reasons. The cryptocurrency wasgoed lambasted by a banking executive who accused it of being a fraud. China is also programma to halt bitcoin trading te local transactions. Is bitcoin indeed a fraud? Here’s what you need to know.

What are bitcoins?

A Bitcoin (BTC) is a type of digital currency which people around the world use for online transactions. There is no handelsbank that is permitted to accept bitcoins, te their place is what everyone calls a “wallet.”

The bitcoins are produced via mining. Te order for miners to release fresh coins, they have to solve complicated mathematical problems very first. The system is patterned to release more bitcoins spil time goes by but a surge te request prompts hackers to manipulate other users’ computers to produce more bitcoins.

Satoshi Nakamoto is credited spil the founder and creator of bitcoins. However, many believe that it is only an alter ego and no one has truly seen him and prove his existence. While the public does not who he is, the government has kept an eye on him. The administration of former Voorzitter Barack Obama feared Satoshi could be used by China or Russia against the U.S. Since then, his real identity remains elusive

Why is it a risky investment?

The bitcoin market is now pegged at $150 billion but it has no regulations. A single bitcoin’s value has reached $Trio,560 recently. Because of this, it can be used te illicit transactions such spil smuggling and drug dealing. The authorities could not track its transfers. The hackers who leaked unaired gigs of Season 7 of succesnummer HBO series “Game of Thrones” even demanded the payment be te the form of bitcoins.

Bitcoins are seen spil the future of money. However, bankers remain skeptical. (Source)

Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Pursue &, Co. Chief Executive Officer, slams bitcoins and called it a fraud . He also fired a warning for those working under him who engages te bitcoin trading. “I’d fire them ter a 2nd. For two reasons: It’s against our rules, and they’re stupid. And both are dangerous.”

Spil a result of the dressing down from one of the most respected dudes of Wall Street, bitcoin trading went down by spil much spil Two.7% but quickly recovered. China has also announced their project of blocking the use of bitcoins ter local transactions te an attempt to control the supply of money te their country.

JPMorgan Pursue recently paid the government $13 billion spil a settlement for playing its part te the financial depressie that klapper the U.S.

Should you invest te bitcoins?

The growing mistrust and doubts on cryptocurrency could be the reasons why it has not reached its total potential. Every type of investment has its risks and prizes. Since not a lotsbestemming is known about bitcoins, it remains a mystery. The utter extent of how it can be used for good and bad is not yet determined.

Investing ter cryptocurrencies are not a bad thing albeit necessary precautions against risks should be considered spil well. Ter the end, what makes bitcoins promising are also the reasons why they are being held back.

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