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What are Eve Mining Bots and how they work – effortless way for an endless supply of Eve ISK

I have a lotsbestemming of people te my corp asking mij about how I run down the kleuter of ISK that I do every month. So for them, and for the surplus of the community, I determined to talk about my secret weapon, the EVE mining bot.

The straight drug, no joke, is that EVE mining bots are very likely the best way I know of to make ISK. I’ve bot around a long time, like six years, and the best way to get my palms on the toegevoegd dough I need has bot mining for most of that time. So you may spil well call your EVE mining bot your private bankgebouw, because that’s how good it is!

Now, I wasn’t too keen on the entire idea of some rekentuig program playing for mij, and when you have spil many skill points spil I do you don’t mess around with account bans. I spent time with trial accounts (and playing via proxy servers) before I trusted any EVE mining bot enough to play with it on my altstem (an account I commenced about a year and a half into my career) and it took mij another six months before I wasgoed OK with it being on my main.

I am a cautious person by nature, and believe mij when I tell you, I’ve never had a single kwestie with my chosen EVE mining bot, and I use it on two accounts pretty much every day. (I’ll get to that te a bit.) So trust mij, years of practice don’t lie: this is a legitimate way to make ISK.

Now, the general way EVE mining bots work is by executing controls of your EVE Online client according to a script that they’re using to undertake mining operations. They’re not all that bright ter some ways, so you do have to make sure that you set things up well when you very first begin using them. But they make up for that by being amazing once your system is te place.

Depending on which EVE mining bot you choose to use, the features will vary, but the basic stuff remains the same. You can set the program to undock you, hop you into a vuilnisbelt, mine, and comeback to the station to dump your cargo. That’s pretty ordinary, right? Does what you need.

Now, the ingewikkeld part is choosing the program you think is best for you based on the toegevoegd features. This is the part I said I’d be getting to earlier. I use Stealth Miner ter order to run my two accounts. It comes te three versions, and I use the middle one called “Pro” on my desktop and laptop.

The reason I chose Stealth Miner is because of the features. Ter specific I use the JetCan mining feature. I mine ore on one of my accounts (my main) and I gather it with my other. This is way quicker than flying back to a station (even one ter system), and because I do this I am able to mine ter systems that a lotsbestemming of people don’t bother with because of travel times and lack of stations.

It has a fountain of other functions that work truly well for mij. To be fair I use the hauling feature a loterijlot because it gets mij way more ISK for my minerals when my altstem hauls them somewhere with good prices to sell off. I’m talking sometimes like five or ten times the rate, depending on how far out I am.

While my mining vessels aren’t stupidly expensive, they are well-outfitted and I don’t like the thought of losing them. Stealth Miner has a good range of defensive options available and I have (knock on wood) never lost a ship while mining or hauling. That’s pretty extraordinaire, because I don’t always stick to high-sec. (However I am usually truly careful about sticking to space my alliance has a good presence te.)

Lately I’ve even bot considering making a fresh altstem and just training up to pilot the big mining barges. That makes it possible for mij to mine with two and haul with one, and considering my hauler can grab swifter than I can mine most of the time (depends on the leaps) I’d end up with a lotsbestemming more minerals at the end of the day.

So earnestly, if you’re one of those guys who just has no clue how to overeenkomst with making money (and a few of my corpmates are that hopeless, LOL) do yourself a favor and look at an EVE mining bot like Stealth Miner.You’ll save yourself time, and the ISK will commence to flow like you’ve never seen. I ensure it.

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