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Instagram is reportedly testing a fresh ‘Nametags’ feature to more lightly connect users to a chosen Instagram presence. Read more ?

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Fresh Investigate Finds 66% of Tweeted Linksaf to Popular Websites are Collective by Bots

A fresh investigate by Pew Research has found that the majority of linksom from popular sites that are collective on Twitter come from bot accounts.

Could Snapchat be Looking to Switch Back to a Chronological Feed?

A fresh test suggests that Snapchat may be looking to switch sides course on its algorithm-defined timeline.

Two Years of Facebook Live [Infographic]

Facebook has released a fresh set of stats to mark the 2nd anniversary of Facebook Live.

The Opportunities for Retail Businesses on Twitter [Infographic]

Twitter has released a fresh report which shows how retail shoppers use the podium, highlighting key opportunities.

Five Reasons Why Wij Are Wired to React to Visual Marketing [Infographic]

This infographic explains ter detail the five scientific reasons people are wired to react best to your visual content.

How Cambridge Analytica Highlighted a Major Flaw ter Marketing

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has highlighted a problem at the very heart of marketing: wij stopped treating customers spil humans and instead regarded them spil statistics.

The Influence of Parenthood on Social Media [Infographic]

This fresh probe looks at how parents use social media to document their parental journey, and the various impacts that can have.

11 Voor Email Marketing Tips [Infographic]

Eleven digital marketing experts share their top email marketing tips te this infographic.

Understanding The Difference Inbetween ‘Micro-Influencers’ and ‘Mega-Influencers’

For buyers, influencer marketing acts spil a digital form of word-of-mouth marketing, which remains one of the most successful ways to boost exposure. But which type of influencer should you be working with?

The Brand Value of Influencer Marketing te 2018 [Infographic]

This infographic touches on the industry&rsquo,s growth overheen the next few years, ROI due to marketing campaigns, the differences inbetween micro and macro influencers, and the social media platforms influencer’s project on utilizing most this year.

How to Use Instagram for Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Have you considered the various ways you can use Instagram te your social media marketing efforts? This infographic provides an overview of your options.

Facebook’s Implementing Disclosure on ",Issues Ads",, Adding Verification Requirement for Pagina Managers

The switches keep coming at Facebook te the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook’s Adding an Option to Unsend Messages After Executives Were Found to be Using the Option

Facebook will add an ‘unsend’ option ter Messenger after users found executives from the company had deleted previously send communications.

LinkedIn’s Forcing Users to Add Hashtags to Posts, Rolling Out Fresh Profile Format

LinkedIn truly wants you to use hashtags on your posts, while they’re also attempting out a fresh profile format.

Facebook Resumes to Shove Facebook Stories with Fresh Tests

Facebook is still attempting to get people interested te using Facebook Stories – and there may be good reason why.

Twitter’s Taking More Act to Liquidate Bad Actors, Which Could Signal a Fresh Industry Shift

Twitter is taking more activity to liquidate accounts which crack its rules – could this be the begin of a fresh industry shift?

Media Ratings Council Confirms Very first Stage of Facebook Ad Metrics Audit

The Media Ratings Council has granted accreditation to Facebook for the very first factor te its three-part audit of the company’s ads process.

Fresh Report Finds Consumers React Best to Entertaining Social Ads, Not Discounts

A fresh report from Sprout Social has found that consumer trust te social ads is declining, but there are clear ways to boost response.

Pinterest Now Up to 1.Five Million Advertisers, Announces Expansion of Quick Promotion Implement

Pinterest is expanding its quick promote instrument spil the podium hits 1.Five million total advertisers.

2018 Email Marketing Goals [Infographic]

What are the latest email marketing trends your business needs to be aware of? Check out this fresh infographic.

Are You Wasting Money? How to Measure Content Marketing Success [Infographic]

Are you measuring the spectacle of your content marketing efforts with the right metrics? Check out this guide.

Facebook Implements Fresh Gegevens Controls – But is it Too Late to Zekering Misuse?

Facebook proceeds to roll out updates te the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal – but will it be enough?

Facebook Gegevens Use: Myths and Misconceptions

The investigation into the Cambridge Analytica kwestie has uncovered more of the various ways Facebook has bot tracking user gegevens.

How to use Instagram Stories to drive your bottom line

With the rise of movie advertising, Instagram Stories can be a powerful device for your brand. SocialCode compiled tips for how to maximize influence using the feature that gained immense traction te 2018.

How to Add Numerous Locations to Your Facebook Pagina

Facebook enables businesses with numerous locations to add them to a single Pagina – but is that the right treatment for your company?


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