Bitcoin now considered to be a Safe Investment, says Executive at Hong Kong Exchnage

Bitcoin is now considered to be a “Safe” investment rather than “Risky”.

Thomas Glucksmann, head of marketing at Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange Gatecoin, says that the perception of people about the cryptocurrency has switched from Risky to Safe investment.

Ter an vraaggesprek, Thomas said:

“It’s funny how the entire narrative of bitcoin being risky or dangerous has switched, and it is now seen spil a form of pride to regulate and embrace it.”

Recently on May 13, Stocktwits, world’s largest financial communications verhoging for the investing community , exposed one of its users’ growth chart comparing various assets, bonds and currencies. Ter it, a StockTwits user by the name of Charlie Bilello noted that a $Ten,000 investment ter Bitcoin made te July 2010 would have earned investors a $200 million terugwedstrijd and when compared with Gold, if an investor who purchased $Ten,000 worth of gold ter 2010 would have experienced a negative terugwedstrijd of $9,981.

According to the statistics mentioned above, Bitcoin has said to ouperform Gold and is now considered spil an safe investment option. (Read utter)

The request for Bitcoin rises

Bitcoin request is rising because countries have now commenced to accept it spil an official mode of payment. Government and people are trusting the virtual currency and believes that it is here to stay. Spil the trust on the cryptocurrency is enhancing, the request for it is also enlargening spil well. Spil a result prices are skyrocketing.

Ter the month of May, Bitcoin made it’s all time high at around $2700. It touched $2700 and came back to $1900. At the time of publishing this article, the price wasgoed $2462.

Countries such spil Japan, Australia, The Phillipines, South Korea, China and Malta are identifying and addressing regulatory issues concerning Bitcoin and it’s transactions. Japan have even recognized it spil a legal currency.

The central handelsbank of Russia recently hinted that by 2018, it will recognize the cryptocurrency spil a Digital Asset .

India may too recognize Bitcoin, the Indian government have even asked it’s citizens to share their opinion about the digital currency on it’s official portal.

Recently, Australia eliminated dual taxation on Bitcoin and announced that the cryptocurrency can be used “Just like Money” .

Bitcoin Price Recovers and exceeds $Two,400 spil Chinese Exchanges Resume Withdrawals

Recently on May 31, Chinese Bitcoin exchnage, OkCoin resumed the Bitcoin withdrawal. OkCoin is the largest Bitcoin exchange te China.

Similarly Huobi and BTCC, the 2nd and third largest Bitcoin exchanges ter China also resumed it’s withdrawals.Chinese central handelsbank, The Public canap of China, ordered the above mentioned exchanges to makeshift suspend the cryptocurrencie’s withdrawals. (read total story)

Instantly postbode the resumption of Bitcoin withdrawals by the exchanges the price surged and recovered back into the $Two,400 region.

The cryptocurrency corrected to $1900 from it’s record high around $2700.The prices are expected to grow further. Some more correction wasgoed expected but now it looks that the virtual currency is ready for another upward

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