Bitcoin, Altcoins and Taxes – Capital Gains Tax and Coinbase

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Just need to produce some consciousness to taxes on the subject of bitcoin, altcoin and so forward transactions like withdrawals, gross sales, conversions, mining and so forward. Presently a lawsuit is within the works involving the IRS and Coinbase the place the IRS is attempting to get Coinbase to liberate skill on United States shoppers. Linksaf underneath to reserve gegevens.

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Thanks for the movie.I am zuigeling of confused. So far the only real big transaction I did wasgoed take bitcoin and used it to buy two Ten ounce silver kroegen directly without cashing to fiat. I still hold the silver kroegen for investment so I am not sure if that wasgoed what wasgoed known spil a wash.

I want to do stuff with my remaining crypto but don’t know what the better transactions to make with it that is not going to cause a big tax bill.

this audio is bad, intro startled the hell out of mij but the talking vol is truly low

The Crypto Apocalypse?

Seems people are selling like their hair is on fire? They are attempting to get out so they are not the bag holder?

Look at all thesis digital coins, tokens, etc. What are they backed with? A unique number stored ter the ether? Wow. Are the transactions quick with no hangups? Doesn’t seem so. Transaction free? Doesn’t seem so. Effortless to convert ter currency? Doesn’t seem so. Effortless to understand. Not for the masses? Can you buy stuff with them? Not much and when you can it is typically a company charging you a toverfee to sell the digital into currency to then buy their product.

All thesis ICOs with many more coming? Heh, but they got a ",use case", and white paper? hahaha

This seems like a gold mine for pump and dumpers?

Many of thesis flash crashes with exchanges shut down, the coin/token network disabled, etc. A harbinger of worse things to come. People attempting to get out into currencies? Mega dilution with not enough fresh ",tulip", buyers?

Many exchanges and coins/tokens already suspected of fraud. Marketing networks of rewarding members for finding fresh members into the ",ponzi",?

Last ones out turn of the lights?

Do people leading sheep to the crypto slaughter have no conscience?

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