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Wij are getting reports for a fresh trend that is peaking up recently with all of the shortages with hardware due to the boom ter mining. It seems that some retailers will cheerfully sell you their stock of GPUs and will then tell you that they will not give you any warranty or accept RMA ter case of a problem if you are going to be using the movie cards for mining. At the same time they are joyfully willing to sell you not only the GPUs, but all other hardware that you may need to build a mining equipment. The problem here is that instead of clearly pointing that they will not hold any warranty for products used for mining, they take your money, ship you the goods and then inform you that there will be no warranty if the hardware is used for mining. This is just not the keurig way of doing business… however it is hard to confirm what a GPU wasgoed actually used for anyway, it sounds more like a threat to the customer than something that can be truly enforced.

The main concerns with hardware used for mining are regarding the GPUs working under strong blast 24/7. This makes them prone to more issues spil they hold higher operating temperatures, ventilatoren are more susceptible to failure (especially if not good quality ones) and spil a result the cards can fail. Base on our practice however if decently cooled and maintained the fact that a good GPU is used for mining instead of occasional gaming is not indeed a problem. Most of the GPU failures usually toebijten ter the very first few days and are often caused by some puny defect that is prone to result ter an punt sooner or straks anyway. All te all it is significant that miners take a decent care of their mining hardware ter order to ensure its long and reliable operation and if they do it good enough, then the trouble they will have are going to much less than if they don’t…

The problem is that there are a lotsbestemming of people that are getting into mining that do not care about anything, they just throw a bunch of movie cards somewhere and embark mining and when there is a problem they just RMA them. They do not care about decent cooling, optimizing settings for efficiency or voorstelling or anything else, they just want to mine and make profit from spil effortless and spil swift spil they can. Wij know for a fact that one of the most common RMA reasons are failed ventilatoren of movie cards that are under warranty, again here some vendors are to blame spil they are putting cheaper and lower quality ventilatoren. If you have good dual ball-bearing ventilatoren that are well protected from dust and do not have an punt with enlargened temperature you are much less likely to get into trouble. Wij are however still eyeing cheap ventilatoren with bushings instead of ball bearings and not very tolerant to higher operating temperatures being widely used on not so cheap GPUs.

This brings us to the Three month warranty that Nivida is programma to suggest for their GeForce GTX 1060 9Gbps based mining GPU. It seems that they are also worried that a longer warranty might not be cost effective for products dedicated for mining, but then again it also shows that they may not be that ready for decently making mining GPUs… just more cost effective solutions. On the other palm if you look at the warranty that ASIC miners do come with limited warranty. For example the Bitmain Antminer S9 ASIC miner does come with a 180-day warranty embarking from the date the unit is shipped to you. Baikalminer has just a 30-day warranty for miners. Ter general the warranty you get for dedicated mining hardware may vary from none to up to about 6 months period. However this is clearly stated before you buy the product, and not you getting a nice and not so pleasant verrassing after you pay for it and get it shipped to you for example.

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