Tidbit: Client-Side Bitcoin Mining, Hacker News

I’m Jeremy, one of the devs of this hackathon project. Thanks for checking this out, glad to see the community has rente te it. Wij made this project for NodeKnockout, and did not intend for it to be posted on HN.

Ter the current release, wij have a duo of things blocked out for various reasons (legal, ethical, etc) so that it is not 100% functional. Continue reading “Tidbit: Client-Side Bitcoin Mining, Hacker News”

Monetizing a Webstek with Bitcoins, Christopia

This article is a continuation of my last one and concentrates on the topic of Bitcoins. Instead of how to mine bitcoins on your rekentuig I am going to discuss how you can use other people’s computers to do all the hard work using Javascript and PHP.

Mining for Bitcoins with Javascript

A latest development te the bitcoin community is Javascript Bitcoin miners. Continue reading “Monetizing a Webstek with Bitcoins, Christopia”

February Four, 2015

Avalon’s ASIC customers suggested bitcoin refunds due to delivery delays

Avalon’s ASIC customers suggested bitcoin refunds due to delivery delays

Avalon has retracted its no-refunds policy after announcing delayed delivery of its ASIC chips. The company said te an email update that the delays were caused by events beyond its control, but added that customers who placed their orders before 1st …

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Warning overheen Bitcoin rock hard using Martin Lewis photo to lul investors

INVESTORS attempting to specie te on Bitcoin’s surge voorkeur to have lost thousands of pounds after falling prey to a rigid using fake Facebook ads featuring Martin Lewis.

Last week, the city watchdog issued a warning about the unregulated company known spil “Chemmi Holdings Max CFD”, which is based ter London. Continue reading “Warning overheen Bitcoin rock hard using Martin Lewis photo to lul investors”

Can You Creat a Fortune Via Bitcoin Mining?

Consumers, investors, enthusiasts or even tech savvy geeks may be superb Bitcoin buffs. They can even go after every bit of Bitcoin news and have a single question te mind. People may simply want to find out, whether or not an optimistic future can be carved out of mining various cryptocurrencies. Well, it’s not a gimmick or startling infomercial. Continue reading “Can You Creat a Fortune Via Bitcoin Mining?”

P2Pool Mining: What You Need To Know – Bitcoin pool

Cryptocurrency mining has come a long way since Satoshi Nakamoto mined those very very very first Bitcoins using only CPU cycles.


The harnessing of graphic card GPUs shoved mining rates to Gigahashes vanaf 2nd, and recently, the development of ASICs made Terahash rates possible. Many miners either fell out of the wedren or were compelled to form pools – combining their hashing power ter order to mine profitably. Continue reading “P2Pool Mining: What You Need To Know – Bitcoin pool”

Why Bitcoin Has Value – Business Insider

Bitcoin, more interesting than jewelry. Reuters/Tim Wimborne There’s one big unanswered question that dogs Bitcoin: Why does it have any value?

Underpinning the value of gold is that if all else fails you can use it to make pretty things. Underpinning the value of the dollar is a combination of (a) the fact that you can use them to pay your taxes to the U.S. Continue reading “Why Bitcoin Has Value – Business Insider”

Brainy Contracts

What is a wise contract?

At the level of crypto-currencies, a brainy contract is a rekentuig program that is stored on a blockchain and specifies contractual terms, along with possessing the means to enforce those terms.

For more information, please see the following:

What is the EVM?

“The Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM is the runtime environment for brainy contracts te Ethereum. Continue reading “Brainy Contracts”