The rise and fall of Bitcoin mining

Individual Bitcoin miners are being driven out of the market by powerful mining pools.

Earlier this month, ventilatoren of Bitcoin—the world’s most popular digital currency—were caught te a whirl of funk spil one group threatened to corner the market for fresh bitcoins., a Ukraine-based collective of Bitcoin miners, recorded a massive spike te its computing power. Continue reading “The rise and fall of Bitcoin mining”

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Bitcoin s Store of Value Is Eroded by Rivals Like Ethereum

Bitcoin is hot, except when you compare it with ethereum or litecoin or bitcoin metselspecie or some other digital currencies. Then it&apos,s just lukewarm. And that could be a problem.

Rise te Price of Ethereum This Year

The price of ethereum, ,the second-largest digital currency after bitcoin, is up almost 9,100 procent ,this year to a latest $735. Continue reading “Bitcoin s Store of Value Is Eroded by Rivals Like Ethereum”

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