The Most Promising Crypto Other Than BTC

ICO investment rose from $26 million ter 2014 to $1.27 billion ter the very first half of 2018, far outpacing venture capital investment te fintech startups.

For most of the history of blockchain-based currencies and assets, the story has bot about Bitcoin. At a market capitalization of around $90 billion, it remains the most valuable cryptocurrency.

But most ICOs are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum found fresh ways to fund the development of crypto-platforms with ICOs. The story is switching.

Thesis questions, &ldquo,What is the most promising cryptocurrency other than BTC? Why?&rdquo, originally appeared on Quora, the skill sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answers below are by Kennen Liu , a crypto-economist, Parul Sharma with Webcom Systems, Pascal Thellmann, editor at, Jimmy Fang, who runs an Ethereum mining equipment, Glyn MacLean, who works at Cryptocurrencies, and Jose A. Toriello, a founder.

Kennen Liu , Crypto-economist

Ethereum is the most promising cryptocurrency, period.

Even tho’ the price of Ethereum has already appreciated significantly ter 2018, there is still 10x, maybe even 100x long-term upside from current levels. Ethereum hasn&rsquo,t come close to mainstream adoption yet, but there are hundreds, possibly thousands of applications ter development. Many of thesis applications are focused on making Ethereum more accessible and user-friendly. The world broad web wasgoed utterly inaccessible te the early days until Netscape came along and made it much lighter for the general public to browse the internet. Spil the practice of browsing the web became much more accessible, usage exploded. Ethereum hasn&rsquo,t had its &ldquo,Netscape&rdquo, yet, but it is ter development. Spil thesis projects come online overheen the next few years, millions of people will be introduced to Ethereum, and its value will skyrocket.

Even however more and more people are introduced to Bitcoin every day, the network can&rsquo,t treat any more transactions. Because of this, many developers have chosen to develop their apps on the Ethereum blockchain instead. Ter the case of Storj, they actually moved from the Bitcoin blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain because of the network congestion and high fees.

While the general public is just becoming aware of Ethereum, it already also has the backing of major global corporations. The recently formed Enterprise Ethereum Alliance consists of giants such spil Intel, J.P. Morgan, and Microsoft. Since the EEA launched on Feb. 28, 2018 they have received hundreds of fresh applications for membership.

There will likely be some growing anguishes along the way, but Ethereum has a fine development team. Ethereum&rsquo,s founder, Vitalik Buterin is very well-respected and most people te the Ethereum community believe ter his vision. Having a strong leader at this stage ter development is utterly significant because protocol upgrades can be much more lightly implemented. Since Ethereum is a relatively fresh cryptocurrency, its developers have had the chance to learn from mistakes that Bitcoin and other earlier cryptocurrencies have made and have plans to preemptively solve them.

The Ethereum protocol is continuously evolving, there are myriad applications te development, and the user base is exploding. Te a duo of years I wouldn&rsquo,t be astonished if I wasgoed asked to response &ldquo,Which one is the most promising cryptocurrency next to ETH?&rdquo,

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