Best Android and iOS-based Cryptocurrency Apps: Ten Top Picks

Crypto traders need mobile applications to check the prices when they are on the budge. The apps include different features, so you if you need cryptocurrency application, read the list below to choose the app that suits you most.


Coindesk is the app developed for Android/iOS platforms that will help you to get the latest cryptocurrency news. Additionally, it offers current prices for Ethereum/Bitcoin, calculators, graphs, and price notifications.


Android/iOS app with support of overheen 600 coins. Includes convenient sorting system by coin name, price etc. Go to Settings to choose default currency and track statistics. You can take advantage of Instant Alerts on mobile.


If you want to be aware of all financial and blockchain news, you should choose this app. It publishes news on Altcoins spil well. There are categories of latest and greatest news that you can sort. It permits sharing news on social media.


This is a wallpaper app that let you track the crypto prices. You can select the currency and customize the app to your choice.


Tho’ this is not an app, it is worth being included to this list spil it can be very helpful for crypto traders on the stir. This is a cryptocurrency bot that provides the price of coins on any exchange.


The app with neat, attractive interface helps you to go after the situation on cryptocurrency market and track the price on dearest currencies using indicators, drawing and trading right from the charts. It employs thrust notification for instant price alerts.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Bitcoin Ticker Widget is elementary and effective. The app supports numerous currencies and exchanges. Interval and display options can be customized.


A fresh Android app provides cryptocurrency prices from overheen 2000 markets of the world. Dearest currencies can be added to watchlist or added to favorites with a starlet mark for effortless monitoring. It includes price conversion for cross-market comparison.


This app wasgoed developed for users of Poloniex to let them control their currencies while they are on the go. The latest gegevens on all popular cryptocurrencies can be found there. Its features include embedded price converters, attent notifications, widget and some others.


Blockfolio is an app that lets you track overheen 2000 currencies. This is a unique Bitcoin and Altcoin portfolio application. It offers the comprehensive cryptocurrency management solution. There you get access to your blockchain assets displayed te portfolio overview. Read latest news, get price notifications and get market details for every coin.

Hopefully, you will find this list useful for you. Using thesis apps, you will never skip the right ogenblik. All informatie will be at your fingertips and will work for you!

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