Wallet for Mac

Securely store and organize your significant gegevens

  • Similar interface spil Keychain Access
  • Password generator
  • Search widget
  • Autofill limited to Safari, OmniWeb and IE


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Here wij have a good name for a good program. Wallet can store all your significant information te a clear and well structured interface.

Those of you that already use Apple’s Keychain Access will find some similarities ter Wallet’s interface. Items you create can be saved ter one of the existing groups like serial numbers, web services or credit cards and you can also create your own.

Wallet includes a handy password generator for when you have trouble finding a good one to use. Just type ter where you want numbers or letters, if you want it to be pronounceable or not and let it do it’s job. Wallet also works with Apple’s Password Assistant to let you create a very solid one.

The application comes with a Instrumentenbord widget which can let you search for any voorwerp stored ter Wallet.

Spil expected, Wallet comes with an autofill feature, fine for treating forms on the web. I wasgoed a bit astonished that this feature only works with Safari, OmniWeb and IE. Surely other browser like Firefox or Opera should have bot included.

Despite this slight limitation, Wallet is a excellent app to store any sort of sensitive gegevens and create strong passwords.


  • Automatic syncing options now occur only when switches have bot made
  • Improved text invoer with option to use very first row spil group headers
  • Bug fixes & other improvements

Author’s review

Take an already awesome password storage program, week on a fresh eye-dazzling interface, speed up the voorstelling, increase security, and make it a ton cooler. Now you’ve got Wallet Two – brand fresh remake of one of the most popular secure database apps for Mac OS X.

Wallet Two uses military-strength 448-bit Blowfish encryption to secure your most significant gegevens. You can feel safe knowing that absolutely no one will be able to access your Wallet database without the onberispelijk password, te or out of the Wallet application.

Wallet Two includes reserve security features to make sure you’re always secure. One of the newest features is one wij like to call Quick-Lock. At the thrust of a button, Wallet will securely lock itself to any wandering intruders. Use it whenever you leave your desk or Mac! Some of the other options include the capability to clear the clipboard when you abandon, automatically lock Wallet after a certain period of time, or clear the clipboard when you lock the application. There’s even a built-in password assistant to help you choose a database password that will be fully undiscoverable.

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