Mining Roundup: Fresh Viper Tests and Bitmain – s Debut Cloud Mining Service

September is here, bringing cold air to many parts of the world that play huis to bitcoin mines on both the hobby and industrial scale. If you’re a huis equipment technicus, you’re no doubt looking forward to the day when you can turn down the air conditioning and let some of that cool fall air inwards.

This week’s roundup takes a look at several corners of the mining community, from inwards the fresh equipment of a solar power-producing hobbyist to inwards Bitmain’s manufacturing facility.

Alpha Technology releases update on Viper

The long-awaited Viper scrypt miner has reportedly moved closer to completion, according to a fresh development update from Alpha Technology.

According to the 2nd September blog postbode on the company’s official webpagina, the ASICs are now undergoing thermal tests and simulations. The development team also released diagrams of the updated enclosure, which the company previously said wasgoed being reimagined.

The team added that it expects to start shipping the Viper straks this month, telling that it is attempting to speed up the process te order to start making deliveries. The company has come under fire te latest months for the Viper delays, and earlier this summer announced that issues related to PayPal had disrupted development.

The team said te the postbode:

“Wij are now mostly just waiting for the ASIC to arrive so that the final testing and assembly can be done, wij will be paying reserve to have every opzicht of this next stage expedited and wij expect shipping to commence sometime te the latter half of September.”

The Viper has seen several vormgeving switches overheen the course of its development arc, a process that has bot both praised and decried by the mining community. CoinDesk will proceed monitoring the Viper’s development and provide an update when a delivery date has bot formally set.

Bitmain debuts cloud mining service

China-based mining hardware maker Bitmain has become the latest company to opoffering a cloud mining service.

Spil originally reported by Bitell, the company has launched, a fresh toneel for cloud mining bitcoins. According to the company’s postbode on the Bitcoin Talk forum, the stir is part of a broader effort to support decentralization ter the mining network.

The company noted:

“Ter the future, most of the mining equipments will be deployed ter specialized hosting farms, enterprising and professional teams will help to search the low cost energy and maintenance for the equipments. However, wij still need to keep decentralization te this centralization trend. It is sure harmful and dangerous to the bitcoin industry and the eco-system if the majority of hashing power are managed by a handful of people.”

The official webstek permits users to pay by the gigahash ter bitcoin directly, costing harshly 0.00135 BTC, or about $0.63 at today’s prices. This compares favorably to other offerings on the market, which can range spil high spil $1.50 vanaf gigahash.

Spondoolies Tech to open pre-orders for fresh miner

Israel-based mining hardware maker Spondoolies Tech is putting a fresh mining product to market. The SP20 resumes a trend seen among many hardware makers: the manufacturing of fatter units better suited for a gegevens center than a huis hobby equipment.

According to the company, the SP20 will be capable of producing an estimated 1.7 TH/s. Power-wise, it is expected to draw 1,100 watts at the wall. It will be available for pre-order next week, Spondoolies said.

Te a latest conversation with CoinDesk, Spondoolies CEO Man Corem noted that the budge to gegevens centers is good for the industry, but that companies need to do their part te contributing to the purpose of a truly decentralized network of miners.

“Wij fight for the petite guys. Petite, capable miners. That’s what wij’re attempting to do and wij support them.”

A look inwards Bitmain’s factory

Everzwijn desired to see what it looks like inwards a state-of-the-art bitcoin manufacturing plant? Chinese-language bitcoin news webpagina recently published a series of photos from inwards Bitmain’s factory, suggesting a peek into one of the busiest manufacturers te the world.

The picture above shows what BTCSide calls the “aging slagroom”, where units are tested and readied for shipment. Other pictures contained te the gallery demonstrate the company’s maintenance slagroom where workers take speciaal, program and reconfigure the hardware.

The power needs of a facility like this are tremendous. Spil the photos demonstrate, Bitmain’s facility – like every other gegevens center-based bitcoin company – is built to treat copious amounts of energy.

The last zekering before the company’s hardware goes out to its customers.

Hobby mining journal debuts

Given the fact that bitcoin mining’s shift toward industrial-scale operations is well underway, it’s not often that you hear about people beginning huis equipments. But a fresh hobby journal begun on Bitcoin Talk suggests that the pursuit of bitcoins is still alive and well among entrepreneurial individuals.

Forum user Sakarias-Corporation wrote ter a 27th August postbode that he had invested $1,000 ter Ten Antminer S1 units spil well spil a number of different power source units. The response to the hobby miner’s efforts has bot mostly positive, with several users suggesting advice on how he can maximize his investment.

The holder of the huis equipment said he and his neighbors operate a petite wind and solar farm, selling excess power produced back to their local electrified company. Given that cheap resources are required to make any bitcoin mine profitable, the hobbyist wasgoed able to eliminate a key hurdle to getting his project off the ground.

“I have enough spare power to supply around 800 S1s maybe, and I could always buy a wind turbine. Dispensing warmth won’t be a problem, I have a entire slagroom which I will vormgeving to do one thing and one thing only, to keep all the miners cooled, of course it will cost a lost, but I’m already down to -23C (without all the ventilatoren).”

Looking ahead, the hobby miner said that he hopes to buy more S1s or, ter the future, a fleet of S3s to build out his mine.

Pics via Bitmain, Shutterstock, Spondoolies Tech, Bitcoin Talk

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