Looking for the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Bot? Here you go

What is C.A.T?

The Best Cyrptocurrency Trading Bot – C.A.T stands for Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader. Or wij can also called it spil a cryptocurrency trading bot.

It is also one of the best cryptocurrency trading bot right now ter the market.

CAT is a trading bot which is wrote ter Java Code (A programming language) by using the API ter the exchanges to perform automaat trading te a desktop Application.

What is the requirement to use C.A.T?

C.A.T. works on Linux/Windows/Mac with Java 8.

Spil long spil your PC has Java 8 installed and with the compatible OS, you could leave the PC on and the Bot will trade for you all day long.

I am not a technical person, can i use it?

Sure you can, It is effortless spil open login and run.

The process : Login with your API >, Choose Markets >, Set Order and Parameters >, Done

Isn’t that too effortless ?


Basic : 0.Two BTC for the core application and it comes with 9 exchange which you could use it free.

Add-On : If you choose to trade it on fatter exchange like Poloniex, Bittrex and Etc, you would need to pay for add-on.

Note : All the payment is a one time payment and after that, all the updates, bug fix will be free.

Does it ensure profit?

Unluckily, the best cryptocurrency trading bot does not promise you with 100% Profit.

But, the specific algorithm used te C.A.T will surely increase your overall profit time by time by choosing the onberispelijk market.

Wij spil a human, wij don’t sit ter vooraanzicht of PC for 24 Hour to perform or come in the market at a right time.

Wit C.A.T, you can. It uses a Ping-Pong Order algorithm to trade overheen 24 hour a day nonstop.

Is It Safe to use C.A.T Trader? Is My Exchange account secure?

Undoubtedly a yes . There’s no worry about your account.

The reason why it is safe is because C.A.T Trader doesn’t communicate with any 3rd party server, they only communicate and work with the exchange. No 3rd party is involved te the process.

Things to notice before you purchase

  • Your copy of C.A.T. is individual, and related to your Public API Key, so Do Not Switch Your API Key or you won’t be able to use C.A.T.
  • The Cost of a “Key Change” for an Api is the API Price.
  • The Cost of a “Key Change” for a Free Api is 0.05 BTC.
  • Save your Api key when you activate it because certain sites will mask it after it is displayed.

Interested On This Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

Pm Him regard on the purchase and he would tell you the step and process.

Paste the message below and pack ter with your ideal options. The code below will entitle you 5% Discount overall .

Hello, I would like to purchase the C.A.T Trader.

Reserve Add On : (Pack it if you dreamed to have toegevoegd exchanges)

If your purchase contain : C.A.T Core (0.Two Btc) + Bittrex Api (0.05)

Total price you would need to pay is : 0.25 * 95% = 0.2375 Btc [Saved 0.125 Btc]

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