Soul journey to the place where women create part2

A time for share kunst and do some shopping at TCC market place.

I promised I will tell you more about real people I’ve met. There are so many that it would be unlikely to mention them here. And those kleintje of events are mostly because of people and for people and if those people are creative and artsy than … Wohooo – you are on the right place. I participated Pitch Slams on a very first day of the event and I attended three of them (Bounty, Paper and Textile/Licensing). Most people keep asking mij how it wasgoed. It wasgoed very, very encouraging! It wasgoed a little bit strained (at least for mij) to voorstelling my designs to people who truly are ter business so many years who had seen everything and who know exactly what would sell and what would not. It’s zuigeling of different when your kunst is shown to friends. They are always encouraging and they always like your kunst – that’ just the friends do. It’s also different from your artist FB friends cause they are indeed one supportive bunch and keep my spirit cheerful. It wasgoed just totally another level to vertoning my current work to people who don’t know mij, don’t care about mij and who could lightly say: “Well, dear doll, wij are not truly sure you are on the right path!” But they didn’t. Ter fact they all said I am on the right path and that I should proceed to do good job, find myself an tuut (I am still not fairly sure about that), show up on Surtex and just goooooo! My thoughts are still messy with all the infos and I will zekering right here ??

I wasgoed so blessed to get a chance to hug and talk to Kelly Rae!

Dear Flyers and friends. Liv (right) and Juliette (middle).

There were some people I desired to pack and carry them to Slovenia to have them by the mitt when I’ll need a boost :). Liv Lane, Juliette Crane and Beth Nicholls were one of them. Those are just so kindred woman that you want to have them around. And Beth is so funny, spirited and has some stories to tell … Indeed, I am laughing even now when I reminisce our last night conversation. Omzetbelasting she is truly succesful entrepreneur and kleuter of a dame to look up to. And I became fan of Nancy Soriano right there at that round table! Again, why didn’t I take a photo with hier??

Wij were having joy together. Beth and Liv, you rock ??

There are truly so many things and people I want to mention, but the postbode would be truly to long to do so, so I will do spil women magazines do. Just mentioned top ones ?? So here they are …

The youngest business women on the event. Folks, here are (from left) Hannah and Taylor.

  • Verrassing – thesis damsels have a business. They are Hannah and Taylor and thay have their Etsy shop! They sew and they were there with their mothers, who don’t know how to sew ?? They were so nice together.
  • I don’t want to brag. But Tim Holtz’s mooipraterij: “You are artist at heart!” melted my heart and I did want to sob like a kindje right there. I am braging, but who cares, it’s my blog anyway :)))

I indeed had joy with screenprinting. I brought Sofijas clothe to print it and now she has a little crimson tijdsindeling on it.

  • Best classes I took were Celina Mancurtis Joy with Screen Printing and Traci Bautistas Artjounaling.

Yeah, wij did some kunst together with Traci.

  • Loooved Amy Barickman and hier team (specially Nancy and Cheryl) and their preparedness to share infos and know how. It felt like I had one on one class with those guys. Thanks all!
  • My tresaure I brought from TCC wasgoed a signed book from Kelly Rae Roberts Taking Flight. And here it is what Kelly wrote to mij: Dearest Petra, I am so blessed one day I am signing your products – I’m sure it will toebijten. Big hugs, Kelly Rae. And now, dear folks, I am blubbering …

My most treasured thing I got from the event. Kelly Raes dedication.

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