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Sunday, March 23, 2014

CSM9 Verhoging: Why No One Mines ter Lowsec

vanaf hour, thesis alliance mates were busy getting poetslap

dances from the takje fairy ter Two million ISK derp frigs.

Possible Solutions:


Risk vs prize is always going to be the punt ter Low Sec. Generally its safer to mine ter 0.0 ter the middle of a ocean of blue systems where neutrals are reported from Five leaps away. The ‘leaping’ exhumers might be an idea however I think most would JF barges into systems. The kwestie is how do you zekering those horrible pirates (like mij) ganking your expensive barge? If you buff income for low-sec you might need to buff null mining too. If you make null mining too profitable you’ll hammer the high-sec bears who make up a loterijlot of accounts. Damn this is too complicated with man-flu, I need a lay down just thinking about this.

You’re right, it’s tricky. Doesn’t null sec have an upgrade system to get better mining however? My thought on the mining barge is that you’ll obviously need some protection, and the income should be able to support paying for that along with enlargened profits and excitement overheen doing the same activity te high sec.

Wij’re already talking about bait tanking procurers and skiffs with possibly blops support + swift tackles te system to see if wij can catch people. Not too feasible right now since no one is mining, meaning not many people are looking for miners. plus blinky pie ter a skiff might be too demonstrable.

Here’s a better test:

Hmm. I’ll give that a slok. I waterput up a buy order for a procurer ter Nennamaila for 28 million and I think there’s an ice system nearby. I have some basic abilities for ice mining, like enough for a t1 harvester plus the barge. It still doesn’t solve the punt of getting barges ter and out tho’.

Getting barges te and out is effortless. I have a standard package of a Procurer + modules &, crystals that I keep ter a cargo container that fits nicely ter my Prowler. I also keep Two expanded cargohold IIs te because then I can waterput nanos te both low slots of my blockade runner. The only problem with that is that I can’t getraind equipments te the Procurer, so spil I wander across low sec looking for ore sites I’m mining te a ship that is zuigeling of gimped.

Ok, I managed to find a friend with a procurer ter lowsec to lend mij, and I succesnummer one of the local ice belts. I did a total hold of both White Glaze spil well spil Glare Crust. Glare crust wasgoed worth 12% more than the white glaze. That’s indeed not enough considering the reserve risk.

For solid numbers, on mouse overheen the 12 units of Glare crust are worth Trio.95 million, vs Three.47 million for the White Glaze.

",more so if you’re a blinky pirate like myself since I am told they take forever to align, meaning Concord would likely dice mij up assuming some players didn’t take the chance for themselves.",

I would know, except I’ve never bot caught, strafgevangenis have I everzwijn stuck around long enough to see who shows up.

There are several problems with mining ter low sec. You covered risk vs prize well te your postbode, but there is another major problem: lack of incentive to group up.

Throw some ideas at mij, I’m all ears. This is the very first time I’ve even attempted to mine te almost Ten years, so I Can’t say I’ve got all the answers for mining spil gameplay.

No one and I mean NO ONE is going to bring their mining assets to frigin lowsec. Christ it’s safer to mine ter wh or 0.0. Lowsec is utterly usless for that. I would rather CCP buff industry te 0.0 because fairly frankly it needs it and the cord needs to be cut from empire!

This statement just made mij laugh. the cord needs cut from empire. how would you do that if you don’t have ways of reliably getting your minerals into the now buffed industrial low sec?

Troy kasstuk on it on his last sentence. No one takes miners gravely. Which is crazy because mining is where a majority of our ships and modules come from. Wij couldn’t do the PvP wij love without the mining fleets across Fresh Eden.

I have to agree. While I don’t mine much anymore I wouldn’t even think about mining te Low just because of the target it paints on your head out there. Let alone attempting to get a massive mining op or multi boxing the op yourself. You’re just begging to get slok and for what? Just to get slok at? If I want to just get slok at, I’ll just go into low with a combat ship so that at least I can shoot back!

Well, you’ve got my vote now since you’re the very first and only person I’ve everzwijn seen talk about this gravely. The problem, te my opinion, lies not ter the risk/prize but te the binary nature of mining outcomes ter Lowsec. You can waterreservoir the crap out of a Procurer or a Skiff or anything else, but when you get scrammed and all it takes is one cruiser to speelpop you, why would you mine anywhere but High Sec / Blue Null? The waterreservoir on those ships is totally wasted. I’d choose a solution where they had enough waterreservoir and drone space to treat stortplaats rats (up to say, Battlecruisers, but not Battleships) but where also granted a warp premie similar to what Interceptors have but that would effect targeted disruption rather than bubbles. Vormgeving the hulls so they can only gezond de-robe miners so they don’t become overpower cyno ships and limit the regular cargo holds so they can only treat a few crystal reloads. Let them be vulnerable to infinite scram hictors so there’s still some risk involved and a co-ordinated tempo can still speelpop them. But right now, mining outcomes te Lowsec, if you’re ter a barge, are totally binary. You make out marginally better than you did ter high sec or you get gargled to lumps. There needs to be a viable way for a mining vessel to escape once engaged.

Warp stabs can be gezond on mining vessels too, you know. Asking for them to be all but immune to targeted disruption from 90% or more of the ships te the spel is beyond ridiculous.

If you are an economically rational entity, fitting warp stabs to a barge or exhumer makes no sense. If you run a fully mining gezond Retriever/Mackinaw te high sec while harvesting Pyrox, Kernite, and Scordite, you make substantially more money, money you can use to buy Zydrine and Noxicum and etc.. That you’re likely getting Orca boosts te high and not te Low only makes high sec even more lucrative.

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