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Eve Online Bots

Eve Online Bots


What are Eve Mining Bots and how they work – effortless way for an endless supply of Eve ISK

I have a lotsbestemming of people te my corp asking mij about how I run down the kleuter of ISK that I do every month. So for them, and for the surplus of the community, I determined to talk about my secret weapon, the EVE mining bot. Continue reading “Eve Online Bots, EveBot”

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Tidbit: Client-Side Bitcoin Mining, Hacker News

I’m Jeremy, one of the devs of this hackathon project. Thanks for checking this out, glad to see the community has rente te it. Wij made this project for NodeKnockout, and did not intend for it to be posted on HN.

Ter the current release, wij have a duo of things blocked out for various reasons (legal, ethical, etc) so that it is not 100% functional. Continue reading “Tidbit: Client-Side Bitcoin Mining, Hacker News”

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Litecoin: invoering – Waarin verschilt Litecoin van Bitcoin?

Bitcoins zijn lang noch den enige digitale valuta diegene jou den dag van vandaag vermag terugvinden. Met den opkomst van bitcoin zijn zowel den zogenaamde altcoins totdat stand gekomen, eentje ervan is den litecoin diegene wij vandaag gaan proposities aan u. Eentje vergelijking diegene den dag van vandaag veel wordt tweedehands is ‘ginder waar bitcoins goud zijn, is litecoin zilver’. Continue reading “Litecoin: invoering – Waarin verschilt Litecoin van Bitcoin?”

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Monetizing a Webstek with Bitcoins, Christopia

This article is a continuation of my last one and concentrates on the topic of Bitcoins. Instead of how to mine bitcoins on your rekentuig I am going to discuss how you can use other people’s computers to do all the hard work using Javascript and PHP.

Mining for Bitcoins with Javascript

A latest development te the bitcoin community is Javascript Bitcoin miners. Continue reading “Monetizing a Webstek with Bitcoins, Christopia”

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Fidor Handelsbank – Questions and answers for financial topics – Fidor Money Questions

Are Bitcoin Wallets safe ?

Which is the safest wallet available for storing large amounts for cryptocurrency (value £10,000 +) ?

Please loom ter to response the question.


Exchange wallet (Coinbase has Vaults)

Advantage: Available to trade on brief notive

Trezor Two (only Two year warranty)

USB Catapults (Redundancy)

Continue reading “Fidor Handelsbank – Questions and answers for financial topics – Fidor Money Questions”

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Is Bitcoin Safe, BizYell

The relatively fresh virtual currency Bitcoin taking the the (financial) storm

Bitcoin is a software-based payment system where you don’t need any form of traditional currencies such spil metselspecie or credit cards. It wasgoed designed spil a peer-to-peer electronic contant system. They are “mined” like gold. This virtual currency has bot gaining a lotsbestemming of traction te latest years due to its decentralization, convenience, and transparency. Continue reading “Is Bitcoin Safe, BizYell”

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Overheen Ten, 000 People Have Downloaded Fake Cryptocurrency Apps – Bitcoin News

The open web can be a dangerous place for cryptocurrency users. Phishing, trojans, and social engineering all come with the territory, ensuring that even the savviest of bitcoin-holders vereiste remain attent. Within the walled gardens of Apple and Google’s app stores, however, there’s an assumption that if a mobile app has bot vetted and downloaded te the thousands, it vereiste be safe. Continue reading “Overheen Ten, 000 People Have Downloaded Fake Cryptocurrency Apps – Bitcoin News”

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