Top Bitcoin wallets for Android and iOS

With the rise of mobile wallets, more people have access to cryptocurrency than everzwijn before.

However, app stores are populated with buggy or insecure wallet apps – which can result ter a poor user practice or being susceptible to fraud.

Applications from a number of popular online wallet providers seek to combat this, and offerande a secure service to users. Continue reading “Top Bitcoin wallets for Android and iOS”

Intel Patents Bitcoin Mining Chip Accelerator to Reduce Energy Usage

Intel has filed a patent for a bitcoin mining hardware accelerator that could massively reduce power usage of mining.

Intel has filed a patent for a Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware accelerator that would dramatically reduce the amount of electrical play used to mine the cryptocurrency. The patent wasgoed filed on September 23, 2018. Continue reading “Intel Patents Bitcoin Mining Chip Accelerator to Reduce Energy Usage”

Wie du ter Bitcoins investieren kannst ohne dir diegene Finger zu verbrennen

Diegene Nachrichten uberschlagen sich mit Meldungen zu Bitcoins. Neuer Hochstpreis hier, neuer Rekord da. Dir ist es schon quick peinlich, dass du nicht sjabloon genau weide?t, wasgoed ein Bitcoin uberhaupt ist und wasgoed du damit anfangen kannst. Erst dachtest du, Bitcoins sind wieder so ein neues soziales Netzwerk, bei dem du zehn Sekunden-Videos von dir hochladen musst. ?? Continue reading “Wie du ter Bitcoins investieren kannst ohne dir diegene Finger zu verbrennen”

Top Five best GPUs for a Monero mining equipment – How to Mine

If you’re just getting into Monero mining, you most likely find yourself asking the age-old question every good cryptocurrency miner is confronted with: What graphics card should I choose? Choosing a graphics card is by far the most significant decision a miner can make. A graphics card determines whether you turn a profit or hemorrage money. Continue reading “Top Five best GPUs for a Monero mining equipment – How to Mine”

Download the Latest bfgminer

All About BTC, LTC, ETH mining spil well spil other alternative crypto currencies



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Wij have compiled a windows binary based on the latest bfgminer Three.99.0 (source) with support for the Gridseed 5-chip ASIC miners. The code includes some improvements and fixes and you can also set finer operating frequencies ter 25 MHz increments. Continue reading “Download the Latest bfgminer”

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Discussoes sobre Ethereum

Nó,s o incentivamos a usar os comentá,rios para se engajar com os usuá,rios, compartilhar a sua perspectiva e fazer perguntas a autores e entre si. Continue reading “Ethereum Forum e Talk”

DeepOnion – Anonymous Cryptocurrency and Untraceable Payments

Software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Now available te the Google Play App Store. Will soon be available on Apple App Store.

DeepOnion White Paper

Below you can view the official DeepOnion White Paper. This will be a continually evolving document where wij add fresh features and specifications spil they are determined and released. Continue reading “DeepOnion – Anonymous Cryptocurrency and Untraceable Payments”

Bitcoin Wallet News

Without wallets, it would be unlikely to hold or use bitcoin. They provide a place to store your funds, spil well spil permitting you to send and receive bitcoins, whether to buy or sell a good or service, donate to a charity, send a friend a bounty, or what have you. Wallets come te many different forms and configurations, including mobile, desktop, hardware, paper and even ‘brain’ wallets. Continue reading “Bitcoin Wallet News”