Auto-restart crashed mining processes te ethOS 1

ethOS 1.Two.9 brings a few switches which pauze my auto-restart script for ethOS 1.Two.7. Since 1.Two.9 contains improved GPU crash detection, I rewrote the restart script to use the built-in detection mechanisms. For the required cron job please see my initial postbode which is available here.

Spil long spil the DRY_RUN variable is set to false, the script won’t take any act, it just logs what it would do.

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40 thoughts on &ldquo, Auto-restart crashed mining processes te ethOS 1.Two.9 &rdquo,

Hello, thanks for creating this. Is it compatible with 1.Trio.0?

Can I run /opt/ethos/bin/minestop instead of /opt/ethos/bin/r for clock problem?

It is sufficient to get it going again without needing total reboot?

Why did you determine to reboot rather than restart the mining process?

Attempted running this script. Even when a GPU has crashed and shows a hash of 0, the script still executes and provides a message of “Everything’s fine… exiting”

What am I doing wrong? I followed all of the steps, made it executable, even restarted the entire equipment after applying all the fresh modifications. So far doesn’t seem to function spil intended.

Thank you for this working script,

I have noticed that sometimes a GPU:s effect goes down and stays down but still reports hashing (but it actually is’nt). Is it possible to implement a check for this and if lower than “threshhold value” reboot

Hello, and very first off I want to say thank you. I’m not sure I got this working decently, I type nano rigcheck.loom and nothing is te there. Maybe I didn’t set it up decently? Please advise. Thank you

I had the same problem. I added this to the cron opstopping.

*/15 * * * * huis/ethos/ >,>, /huis/ethos/rigcheck.loom

This echoed my output to the loom verkeersopstopping. I am fresh to Linux, so I don’t know if this is the best way to do it, but it worked for mij.

Thank you for the time and effort that you have waterput into developing and posting this script. I am using ethos 1.Two.9 and the script almost works for mij. It geluidsweerkaatsing’s decently to the loom opstopping, and when I have a failed gpu, the loom opstopping reports the following “GPU clock problem detected on GPU(s) $, rebooting…”. That is the extent of what happens. The script does not restart the system. I need to restart it by hand. Thank you very much if you have suggestions to resolve this kwestie.

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